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English language graffiti from around Georgia

During my month in Georgia I was taken by the English language graffiti I saw. Some political, some poignant, some playful, but little was just plain tagging (even Georgia stuff).

I guess Georgian youth have enough realities of life to express to have time with meaningless tagging.

Stalin was a Georgian

Coincidentally this is the name of my guesthouse
Coincidentally this was the name of my host in Georgia
Georgia is a conservative Christian Orthodox country



Batumi’s amazing, quirky architecture

The city of Batumi, on the Republic of Georgia’s southern Black Sea coast is truly the Riviera of the country. Home to numerous casinos, it is a hugely popular destination for holiday-makers.

Aside from the parks and walks, many hours can be spent day and night (in complete safety) walking the inner city marveling at some great, odd and downright quirky architecture.

Pictures tell a thousand words, so here are – twenty-one thousand words 🙂


Only in Georgia ;)
Only in Georgia 😉

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